Fashion & Lifestyle Products

Bringing OEM/ODM manufacturing services for fashion products such as bags, belts, stoles and fashionable interior lifestyle products to you.

After getting to truly know our clients, we utilize our global manufacturing background which includes
China, our start in East Asia with Vietnam and India and Bangladesh in South Asia and offer planning and build-to-order manufacturing services.

We constantly strive to provide our customers with a plan that always shows originality, creates excitement and leaves a lasting impression.


Developing OEM/ODM manufacturing services focusing on knit and cotton products.

Not limiting ourselves to just manufacturing in China, we also focus on manufacturing development in Myanmar as well as Bangladesh which utilizes local subsidiaries, working to offer services that encompass everything from planning to production control.

We work to offer you manufacturing that not only competes in speed but cost performance as well.


Take full advantage of our planning, development and retail services for various licensed products coming from numerous genres such as anime, movies, manga and tokusatsu without ever limiting ourselves.

It doesn't matter if it's domestic or overseas, we are working every day to develop licensed characters which stir the wild imaginations of our consumers who, out of their unquenchable thirst and love, buy our products.

Digital Content

X PLUS has been making advances towards enhancing how we adopt digital business which has been gaining attention in recent years as well as taking on projects that integrate digital technology.

Using cutting-edge technologies such as 3D, VR and AR, we cut out the need for samples and are able to more quickly create the products our customers want digitally, and allow them to experience the color, texture and even the size of the product using a digital showroom.

Using this experience, we have developed and are now providing AR and VR content for smart devices.