I want to work hard to make sure the customer is truly happy.


Why did you join X PLUS?

I had always thought to myself, "Man, I'd really like to work with figurines one day." That dream came true and I am as happy as can be. When first joining X PLUS, there were several things that I wasn't so sure about but those around me were just happily working along, which made it easy to open up and get closer to them almost immediately after starting here. It has been for years since then, but the atmosphere has not changed one bit and I can confidently say that the fact it is so easy to work here is something that makes X PLUS really stand out as a company.


What's your job like?

As far as my job goes, I'm not only responsible for product sales but also supporting customers and following up with them. Through my love for figurines, I do my best to make sure that none of the voices and needs of our customers fall through the cracks, no matter how small they are. I'd really like to keep trying even harder to continue bringing products and services to customers that would make them happy.


What are your goals for the future?

On one hand, what the customer likes and what he or she is interested in changes every second. However, on the other hand, there are some things that don't change even if there is a new trend coming along. It'd be awesome to be able to help give the customers what they want but at the same time not forgetting the things that don't change. I want to work hard to make sure the customer is truly happy with their product.


Do you have anything you'd like to say those who are thinking of joining X PLUS?

There might be people out there just like me with very little or no experience in this industry that would like to join X PLUS, but I think the experiences, skills and careers which no one in the company has can become a new form of strength for the company and open up the door to new possibilities. I'd love the chance to work together with those who want to share with others what makes them unique while taking advantage of the numerous opportunities to learn.