Corporate Message

“A company of experts creating a new lifestyle.”

We don't simply provide our customers products and services at a low price. Utilizing trading company functionalities considered to be the backbone of the world, we offer complete packages ranging from completely coordinating and planning new lifestyles sought after by consumers to production, distribution and selling services.



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What is at the core of our actions.

1. Our first responsibility is to all customers that use our products and services.

・Anticipate trends in the market, meet the needs of the market and create customers.
・Constantly offer new value to our customers and be a leading company in specialized fields.
・Be faithful and fulfill promises made to customers through expertise and enthusiasm.

2. Our second responsibility is something which all employees must hold.

・Show appreciation for having a place to work and the ability to work.
・Make decisions based not on what is gained or lost, but on whether it is right or wrong.
・Understand the importance of time, establish deadlines for everything you do and honor those deadlines.
・Strive to create a work environment that is not only well-organized but allows employees to feel proactive and enjoy their work.
・Acknowledge the differences and values of the individual and respect one another.
・Maintain a strong sense of ownership and fulfill your own responsibilities.

3. Our third responsibility is to the company.

・Respect the client or customer, create an equal relationship and share the advantages.
・Contribute to society at every given opportunity and be an organization that strives to protect the environment.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Address Head Office
541-0046 Osaka-fu Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Hiranomachi 1-8-8 Hiranomachi Yasui Bldg. 9F

Tokyo Office

151-0051 Tokyo-to Shibuya-ku Sendagaya 4-30-3 Yoyogi TR Bldg. 2F
Main Line Head Office: 06-4706-8706
Tokyo Office: 03-6866-2015
Established 1986/1/17
Representative Takao Ohashi, President & CEO
Employees 74 (as of February 2018)
Capital 10 million yen
Products Fashion goods, apparel, toys and figures, other
Services The planning, production, export/import, wholesale, retail of products listed above.
Company Map
Corporate Group X PLUS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Established in 2006 in Shanghai, China. Capital: 1.6 million RMB
X PLUS (HK) Co., Ltd.
Established in 2005 in Hong Kong. Capital: 230,000 HKD
Xannex Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd.
Established in 2013 in Kolkata, India. Capital: 8.5 million INR
R.I.C. Co., Ltd.
Established in 2000 in Osaka, Japan. Capital: 10 million yen
Affiliates Wenzhou Star Sincerity Test Services Co., Ltd.
Established in 2013 in Wenzhou, China. Capital: 6 million RMB
Star Ace Toys Limited
Established in 2013 in Hong Kong. Capital: 10,000 HKD
Star Ace Japan Co., Ltd.
Established in 2015 in Osaka, Japan. Capital: 10 million yen
Primary Banks Mizuho Bank, Resona Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Senshu Ikeda Bank, MUFG Bank
Primary Clients G.U. Co., Ltd., Shimamura Co., Ltd., Jupiter Shop Channel Co., Ltd.,
Adastria Co., Ltd., Nitori Co., Ltd., Xebio Holdings Co., Ltd., Marui Co., Ltd.,
Baroque Japan Limited., Bandai Co., Ltd., Amazon Japan G.K., Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.
Company History

The history of X PLUS

Apr. Begins offering Digital Content Development services.
Apr. Hires four new graduates.
Dec. Establishes Star Ace Japan.
Dec. Establishes residential office in Bangladesh.
Apr. Hires four new graduates.
Mar. X PLUS relocates Tokyo Office.
Sept. Establishes Xannex Enterprises India Private Limited in Bangalore, India under the full ownership of X PLUS.
Aug. Establishes Wenzhou Star Sincerity Test Services Co., Ltd. in Wenzhou, China.
June Establishes Star Ace Toys Limited in Hong Kong, China.
Apr. Establishes new X PLUS Disaster Research Center.
Feb. Relocates Osaka Head Office.
Oct. Establishes Management Planning Office.
Feb. X PLUS's toy brand “Shonen Ric” exhibits at Wonder Festival.
Apr. Hires five new graduates.
Feb. X PLUS (HK) exhibits products in Nuremberg, Germany at “International Spielwarenmesse,” the largest toy fair in the world.
Apr. Hires eight new graduates.
June Establishes Internal Control Division.
July Establishes X PLUS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.
Apr. Establishes Wenzhou Kingstar Leather Products Co., Ltd. in Wenzhou, China.
Oct. Establishes Star Ace Modeling & Design Division in Dongguan, China.
Sept. Establishes Star Ace Toys Limited in Hong Kong.
Establishes local offices in various regions of China, promoting enhancement of apparel and toy production control.
Starts supplying products to various countries located in Asia and Europe.
Fashion goods business is successful, proposal capabilities as a general fashion producer strengthen.
Establishes X PLUS USA Inc..
Begins online ordering business.
Establishes R.I.C. Co., Ltd. and enters into the toy business.
Establishes 北京華東星毛織品有限公司 factory in Beijing, China.
Establishes 常州星亜服装有限公司 factory in Changzhou, China.
X PLUS is founded.
Corporate Governance

Within our Corporate Credo, you can find the words “Contribute to society at every given opportunity.” We aim to be a business that all of those invested in us (shareholders, customers, clients, regional communities, employees) can rely on. Moreover, we are strong advocates of fair and transparent business practices established under risk management and internal control policies, as well as carefully complying with fundamental Corporate Governance policies.

Our Corporate Governance Structure

Above: Our Corporate Governance Structure

Internal Control System Maintenance

In addition to carefully managing risks while conducting operations both appropriately and effectively, we have established a full-time Internal Control Division which is committed to the construction and operation of our Internal Control System.

Internal Control

Last Revision: November 1, 2012

X PLUS has worked to uphold its “Corporate Ideology” as well as the “X PLUS Group Corporate Code of Conduct” which defines the fundamental policies that govern our business activities. We are determined to improve compliance in both our company as well as in our corporate group. Additionally, we have established an Internal Control Division is dedicated to the construction and operation of our Internal Control System while under the evaluation and inspection of our auditors in order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of its financial statements.

Internal Control System

1. It is a system which ensures that directors and executives perform their duties while conforming to Japanese laws and ordinances as well as the Articles of Incorporation.

(1) X PLUS's directors and executives(henceforth referred to as “Directors, etc.”) shall adhere to the Corporate Ideology and the X PLUS Group Corporate Code of Conduct, and set an example by being thorough regarding compliance within the entire X PLUS Group.
(2) X PLUS shall appoint directors to the Internal Control Division as being those responsible regarding compliance matters and it will work to uphold this compliance structure and resolve any issues that may arise.

2. It is a system which ensures that employees perform their duties while conforming to laws and ordinances as well as the Articles of Incorporation.

(1) Directors, etc. shall provide the necessary education for X PLUS employees so that they can properly follow X PLUS's Corporate Ideology and the Corporate Code of Conduct.
(2) Directors, etc. shall report immediately to auditors, the Representative Director, other directors as well as those in the Internal Control Division when they anticipate that there will be a violation or that there actually has been a violation of corporate compliance inside the company and will determine strategies in order to improve and take necessary measures.

3. It is a system related to the management and storage of information pertaining to the execution of directorial duties.

As established under Document Management Regulations, the following documents shall be appropriately and accurately stored and managed so that they can be easily searched, and maintained so that they can be read within the storage period required by law. Record of proceedings for board of directors meetings and relevant documents, record of proceedings for shareholder meetings and relevant documents, record of proceedings for important meetings organized by directors, etc. and relevant documents.

4. It is a system for enforcing the Corporate Code of Conduct inside X PLUS as well as its subsidiaries which make up the corporate group.

X PLUS shall establish a Corporate Code of Conduct to ensure that duties are appropriately executed within the companies that make up the X PLUS Group. Directors, etc. shall immediately report to auditors, the Representative Director, other directors as well as those in the Internal Control Division when they anticipate that there will be a violation or that there actually has been a violation of corporate compliance inside companies belonging to the X PLUS Group and will determine strategies in order to improve and take necessary measures.

5. It is a system that provides a channel for Directors, etc. as well as X PLUS employees to report to auditors.

X PLUS shall ensure that the Corporate Ideology and X PLUS Group Corporate Code of Conduct is properly enforced and that Directors, etc. as well as employees report any compliance violations to auditors when they occur. Moreover, auditors are permitted to request reports from Directors, etc. and employees.

Compliance System

In addition to fulfilling its social responsibility as a company existing in society, X PLUS places great importance on compliance and has established a system in order to ensure that each and every employee belonging to X PLUS and its affiliates understand this importance. It created the “X PLUS Group Corporate Code” of Conduct and established a Corporate Conduct Committee, chaired by the President, which ensures the establishment of corporate ethics and thorough compliance with laws and ordinances. The Internal Control Division which holds jurisdiction over compliance matters ensures the maintenance and renewal of all compliance matters.

Regarding Corporate Code of Conduct

The recent business management environment is changing at an incredible rate and the social demands for faithful corporate conduct based on a high level of ethics is ever-increasing. X PLUS and its affiliates have integrated “Thorough Corporate Ethics” in its fundamental policies and work hard to both value a honest attitude and a strong adherence to compliance policies.
Every employee in the X PLUS Group works to understand the “X PLUS Group Code of Conduct” based on corporate ethics, believe in it, act on it, be honorable and hopeful for the future, and be diligent in their duties so that they can become a company that their loved ones and the next generation can be proud of.

October 30th, 2012
Takao Ohashi, President & CEO

X PLUS Group Corporate Code of Conduct

Since its establishment, X PLUS has valued being both honest as well as creative. It has been determined to challenge itself through the pioneering in new fields, and has worked to increase contributions to society as well as improving the lives of both the executives and employees who are a part of the X PLUS Group.

The company that exists today can be attributed to the understanding and trust our stakeholders have in these corporate activities. We will constantly strive to achieve more, fulfill our social responsibilities and continue to contribute to society so that we can continue to maintain that trust.

In our Corporate Credo, it says “Create customers, continue to change, increase profits. All employees should work to be a place where an individual can lively work and grow. Contribute to society at every given opportunity and be an organization that strives to protect the environment.”, clearly referring to the social responsibility we have in our corporate activities. For that reason, every employee who is either a part of this company or its affiliates does their best to conduct themselves in an ethical manner, strengthening the collective effort of the entire group.

The following Corporate Group Code of Conduct is established so that other companies continue to rely on us, and so we can take pride and confidence in our work.

1 Compliance with the Law and Proper Conduct

1.1 Compliance with the Law
Comply with laws, conduct business that is fair and just, and gain the trust of the public. 
1.2 Proper Conduct 
Avoid actions that may disturb the public, and conduct oneself in a way that aligns with the common sensibilities of the public.

2 Needs of Society and Increased Customer Satisfaction

2.1 Aim to increase customer satisfaction by working to provide products and services that meet the needs of society at a reasonable cost, improve the attractiveness of the product, which includes the price, and conduct business in a faithful and honest manner.

3 Protection of Property, Rights, etc.

3.1 Respecting the Property and Rights of Others
Do not unfairly or unjustly infringe on the property, which includes intellectual property, rights and trade secrets of others or take any action which unfairly or unjustly interferes the work of others. 
3.2 Protection of the Property and Rights, etc. of X PLUS and its Affiliates 
Properly manage the property, which includes intellectual property, rights and trade secrets of X PLUS and its affiliates and do not take any actions that may harm these or any actions that go against the interests of X PLUS and its affiliates.

4 Healthy Relationship with the Government and Administration

4.1 Maintain a healthy and transparent relationship with government and administrations, and do not take any actions which are unjust.

5 Addressing Antisocial Behavior

5.1 In accordance with the intent of the Anti-Organized Crime Law, etc., address unreasonable requests made by organized crime groups with a resolute attitude, and firmly confront social powers and groups which pose a threat to citizens.

6 Promoting Communication with the Public

6.1 Building Good Relationships with the Public
Proactively listen to regional communities that conduct business, promote progressive activities that contribute, and work to create and maintain a good relationship with the public. 
6.2 Respect the Cultures and Customers in All Countries and Regions 
Adequately respect all countries, regional cultures and custom, and work to contribute to the growth of the cultures and economies of those countries and regions.

7 Respecting Others

7.1 Prohibition of Discriminatory Behavior Such as Unfair Treatment
All treatment which is unfair, including the management and treatment of employees, is prohibited in the workplace based on humanitarian values.
7.2 Creating an Environment for Self-fulfillment for Employees 
Aim to treat and nurture employees in a way that respects the abilities and characteristics of employees so that each individual in the workforce can adequately demonstrate his or her abilities.

8 Responsibility for Preserving the Environment

8.1 Dealing with Environmental Issues
When taking on environmental issues, take on a global view of the issue and not just one which is limited to the regional level, conduct corporate activities which take the environment into consideration and contribute to building a community which can create a sustainable and harmonious relationship between the environment and the economy.

9 Enforcing Corporate Code of Conduct

9.1 Education and Instruction
Repeat and carry out necessary education and research, and ensure that they know the corporate ethics so that the executives as well as the employees adequately understand and agree to this Code of Conduct.

10 When Violations Have Been Confirmed

10.1 Preventing Reoccurrences and Accountability
If a violation of this code has been confirmed, the Representative Director will thoroughly investigate the cause and work to prevent additional violations from occurring when working to resolve the issue. Additionally, they will take quick and clear action in order to be accountable to the public.

Risk Management System

・With regards to "business risks", X PLUS carries out administrative meetings, and its Representative Director and Management Planning Office will carry out investigations in order to understand and establish countermeasures.
・With regards to "work risks" that violate laws and ordinances, each department autonomously develops its own activities regarding risks, and including the Representative Director, the board of directors evaluate and provide guidance regarding the state of those activities.